Types of carpets to choose from

There are different types of carpets and carpet styles from where one can choose to cover their floors. When it comes to home flooring one can have a lot of options regarding the carpet styles, colours and patterns.

One can also choose a style personally so that it can match their home decor. The carpet suppliers of India present varieties of carpets and the best part about using a carpet is that the cushion surface covers the hardness of the floors and one can walk comfortably on it.

Also one can choose a carpet depending on their affordability. There are many carpets which have insulating properties and they can provide some additional warmth under the feet. These carpets are very useful where there is extreme cold climate. Also carpets have non slip surfaces which are very safe underfoot and also provide a cushion under the foot. If one goes for synthetic carpets, they should know that they are treated with a lot of stain and soil resistant treatments that make them easy to maintain and clean them.

Carpets are made from different types of fibres. Here are some varieties which one can consider.


This is the most durable fibre ad with this; one can manufacture a stain resistant carpet. So they are a very good choice in homes which have pets or children. Also they are quite suitable in the heavy traffic areas like stairs and hallways.


This one can make a carpet look very luxurious and it can be available in a lot of styles and colours. This is a very good value carpet for homes which have normal amount of traffic pressure.


This fibre when used in a carpet can offer some good stains and moisture resistance. But when it comes to quality quotient then the polyester and nylon ones have better durability because the loop pile constructions of those are very high and it has some dense cut piles.


This one looks very elegant and beautiful. The wool carpets have natural soil resistance powers and they are not inherently stain resistant. They are well constructed and very durable.

Carpet Constructions

Most of the residential carpets are manufactured like a tufted carpet. The tufting machine also works like an oversized sewing machine and hundreds of loops of fibres are stitched together at the carpet’s backing. The durability of the carpet completely depends on how well the tuft is done. The quality of the carpet actually makes all the difference in the price of it.

The twist of the carpet also defines how the carpet yarns are well crafted. This is very much important in cut pile carpet because the tips are exposed and it can easily become untwisted by giving the carpet a matte and worn appearance. The tighter the yarn in twisted, the more durable the carpet is. These carpets can easily stand crushing and pressure than the other ones.

Carpet manufacturing industries in India makes all kinds of carpets and one can choose that which is suitable for them.

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Here Is Why You Should Use Carpets

A room with a carpet can look hundred times more beautiful than one without it. And that is
probably the reason why the use of carpets is age old. Even in the days of yore, royalties
used to make use of carpets to enhance the beauty of the interiors of their palaces.
Interestingly, the popularity of carpets has not faded over time. They are still as popular as
they used to be hundreds of years ago. If you love carpets without any reasons or conditions
then we offer you some reasons here to validate your love. Check out-
1. Looks- You may agree or disagree, but a considerable chunk of the world’s
population believes that carpets enhance the beauty of a house. Whether you place
one in the living room or lay it along the hallway, it can make your house look like a
million bucks. Carpets have something about them that no one can overlook. Also,
the kind of uptown feel a carpet adds to a room is simply unmatched. If you are a
carpet lover, then you probably want to cover your entire floor area with carpets.
Although overdoing things is bad, this can’t be said in the matter of carpets. You can
use as many carpets in your house as you wish to without making your interiors
appear over the top. And with the carpet industry in india booming, you can have the
kind of carpet you need for your home.
2. Hide flawed areas on the floor- You look at the beautiful exterior of a building and
presume the interior to be equally good. And then when you step inside, you see
that everything is mesmerizingly beautiful except that the floor has spots, dents and
other flaws. Maybe the family has kids that go too harsh on the floor. Or maybe
there are wet areas underneath the floor that have ruined the surface. Whatsoever
is the reason, a floor with flaws can mar the beauty of an entire house. But
correcting these flaws can burn big holes in your pocket. So, the best alternative is to
use carpets over the flawed areas, so that the flaws remain concealed.
3. Carpets feel great- So, you are resting in your arm chair, with great music playing in
the background. In your hands, you have a book that you have bee wanting to read
for a long time. Well, is there anything that can better your experience? Yes, a soft
carpet touching your feet. Carpets are a store-house of comfort, especially the softer
variety. So, whether you choose to walk on them or sit on them, they are going to
offer you a great deal of comfort.
4. Accidents- Slippery floors are a major reason of accidents inside the house. If you
have slippery floors and you don’t intend to pump any money into making them
coarser, then using carpets to cover the excessively slippery areas would be the best
There is no dearth of carpet exporters in India. Try to procure your carpets from one of
them. The benefit of buying your carpet from an exporter is that you get good quality
products for sure. Well, the logic is that a company that exports its carpets to other
countries may be expected to have international quality products in its stock. So, buying
from them can be considered a wise move.

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When it comes to interior decorating, there are many aspects that need to be taken care of for example wall colours and wall papers, curtains, furniture fixtures, signature show pieces, colour schemes etc. Any time you think if redecorating your home, you pretty much go through the above points. Interior decorating is nothing but accessorising the walls and the rooms.  But having stayed in your home for so many years, have you ever thought of accessorising your floor?

Just think to yourself, you have changed the wall colours and added false ceiling to make your home look more beautiful but you are stuck with the same flooring ever since you had the home built! So, today we are going to talk about how to accessorise your home floors.

  1. Vitrified and ceramic tiles- if you are bored with your floors or moreover if it has lost its harm one can go ahead and totally renovate the floors. About 40 years from now mosaic was in fashion, and then came in marbles and now tiles rule all. There are different types of tiles in different shades and you can choose something that illuminates the entire room. Trust me; having a great floor adds so much brightness to the rooms.
  2. Rugs- now changing the flooring all together might sound interesting but there is a lot of work because of it. Your whole life will be disrupted for a few days and it is also going to be a fairly costly affair. So, if you are not ready for it, then you could just use rugs to cover up the entire flooring. Yes, there are rugs in different colours and shades to suit the decor your home already has. Do check out the online stores because they have some of the best rugs online.
  3. Light fixtures- now don’t be surprised because I am sure you might have seen light fixtures that are attached to the floors. Agreed this also is not going to be easy and will cost you a little more, but then the results are going to be totally worth it. If you need any help then you could always look up for ideas in the internet.
  4. Water fixtures- now this might come to you as a surprise but this is not a new concept. Suppose you have a huge hall room and you are not quite sure about how to accessories the floor, you could use a small water fixture for it. Maybe a mini fountain or an underground aquarium. This will definitely change the look of the floor.
  5. Carpets- the reason why carpets are not under the topic of rugs is because they are two different things. Carpets are used to accessorise the floor and not to cover it up entirely. Also, rugs can be used to decorate walls but so is not the case of carpets. You could use a carpet that goes in contrast with the furniture. Also try to buy online rugs and carpets India for great deals and offers.
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Make Your Floor Beautiful With The Perfect Carpet

Who doesn’t love having soft and beautiful carpets on their floor? The floor in your house will instantly change from being workable to homely by putting a good quality carpet on it. A carpet has a lot of functions like absorbing extra noise and softening the entire look of the room which creates a really cosy environment. But it is extremely important to choose the correct type of carpet for your house so that it can accurately satisfy your needs. It might get a little difficult as the pile types, colours, etc combine to form endless options.

You can take the help of experts who have experience working with carpets by telling them what you need exactly. Otherwise you can even follow the given tips to buy carpets and rugs India which would be perfect for you.

  1. If your family has pets and young children, then you would want to buy a carpet which is quite tough and hard wearing also in a forgiving colour. But if you want a touch of luxury in your house then you can choose to buy a plush pile in flat or neutral colours. Combination cuts, loop piles with dark or medium tones will be great for an entertainer.
  2. Plush piles are beautiful to look at, as they are super soft and also resemble the texture of velvet. You can buy dense plush pile carpets for your home if you want to have a squishy and luxurious feel. But you should keep in mind that the carpets having plush piles show footprints.
  3. In loop piles the yarn is made into loops. These are found in a lot of varieties. You will find some having a very linear and formal look, while some with a much ribbed pattern which gives them a sisal look. A textured, casual look is also given by some of the random loop piles.
  4. You can even opt for a combination of cut and loop piles. These contrasting textures will create light and dark patterns which will not show any footprints, but the texture will also feel lovely underfoot.
  5. The colour of your carpet will have a large impact on the look of your room. You must have noticed that a room with a light coloured carpet seems to make the room look much larger, while dark carpets make them look cosier. Most popularly, people tend to buy a carpet which will have a subtle and neutral blend by combining two colours. They will also be much more forgiving in case of stains.
  6. The fibre of the carpet is also another important factor. You will find carpets made of 100 percent wool, wool and nylon mix or myriad synthetic fibres. Wool can be a good regulator of heat, while nylon is mostly fade resistant.

You can follow these simple tips to choose the perfect carpet for you. Where you go to a store or do some online shopping rugs and carpets India, you can keep these points in mind every time you go to buy a new carpet for yourself.

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Five Best Carpets Around the World

From a young age, we have a fascination for carpets. May be it is because of Aladdin’s magic carpet, we love carpets. Though no one of us owns a magic carpet that can take us anywhere we want, we all own at least one magical carpet that can ease our feet and make our walk comfortable. People love to have carpets on their floors, in house as well as office.

A carpet not just beautifies the house, it also makes the place and it keeps the floors warm during winter. Walking on a soft carpet is far more comfortable than walking on a hard floor. Thus, people invest in buying wonderful carpets. There are many varieties of carpets in the world, each one has its own unique color, texture and durability. You can buy the one that suits your décor.

The people are so obsessed with carpets and rugs that you barely find a living room that doesn’t have a carpet on its floor. The Carpet suppliers in India are supplying carpets from all over the country and the world.

Here are some of the most world-famous carpets that you should buy –

Persian carpets –

The Persian rugs are the first thing that people think of when they want to cover a bald floor with something interesting. The Persian rugs are very ancient and have great heritage. Even a simple Persian rug is pure magic. Some of the rugs are as old as hundred years, making them valuable antique pieces. These rugs are colorful and extremely soft. The designs are intricate and very complicated.

Turkish rugs-

Turkish rugs are all about tradition. The Turkish people have been weaving wonderful rugs from 800 years. Today, there is a touch of western designs to these age old Turkish carpet designs. Symbolism and flowers are

Afghanistan carpets –

The tribal people of Afghanistan make authentic tribal rugs that are to die for. Today, they also include sophisticated designs and techniques to make modern carpets that appeal to all kinds of people. These rugs are in great demand by the collectors who love rugs and history. There are many factories in Afghanistan that weave the best rugs in the world. They are soft in feel and very attractive.

Chinese carpets –

The Chinese carpets are very valuable money wise. They are expensive and usually used in posh homes that flaunt wealth. The carpets have designs showcasing the culture and history of the country.

Indian rugs –

India is very famous for its carpets. One specialty of Indian rugs is that you can get a variety of them in various prize ranges. The Indian weavers can weave up the best quality rugs that are durable and withstand all kinds of weather and wear and tear. This is one country where the carpets are handmade even today. There are machine created rugs too, but not as authentic.

These are some of the famous carpets that people love to drape their floors with. Carpet manufacturing companies in India can supply any of these original carpets for your beautiful home.

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Why Buying Carpets for Your Home Is the Best Thing?

Carpets are one of the most dynamic yet adaptive products that have been in the market since centuries. They have enjoyed an unfading popularity among the masses. You cannot deny how keen interior designers and homeowners are to incorporate this beautiful product for accentuating their home, be it the bedroom or living room.

Rugs have the ability to create an aura of sophistication and class wherever it is placed. Plus they are available in so many designs and colours that they are bound to steal the hearts of all your guests. To find the best rugs online, you will have first spot a good manufacturing company. If you are one of those who are not really sure how carpets and rugs can intensify their household, here are some of the reasons that are compelling enough to make you purchase one right now.

Trend of the Future

Setting up rugs and carpets is adapting continuously incorporating several modern trends and innovations. This does not discount the value placed on rugs. Carpets have been a great asset to people since the time when they were carefully handcrafted several decades ago by the people belonging to the Central Asia’s nomadic tribes. Such textiles were initially developed to provide the ability to withstand the winter cold. This was usually done with the help sheepskins earlier. With time, it got replaced with aesthetically appealing and more practical textiles.

Now, carpets are quite an essential part of decoration when it comes to renovating schools, offices, houses, and other facilities. As they are available in different price ranges, people belonging to different economic statuses can afford it easily. This has transformed rugs into a timeless product.

They Affect Your Mood

Rugs can have a significant impact on your mood. The cushioning and soft texture of this product has the ability to create a feeling of intimacy and homeliness. With shaggy, tender piles everywhere, it is quite pleasurable for the owner to walk barefoot for embracing the magical appeal of the house. You will be bombarded with tactile stimulations that no other product is capable of providing. Studies have also shown that carpets are capable of evoking a positive emotional response. Their colours also affect the mood significantly. Therefore when you buy designer rugs online, look for something that can evoke a positive emotion.

They Provide Safety

Having rugs at home will enhance the safety component. You are less likely to encounter accidents when the floor has a carpet. In case you fall, the carpet will provide extra protection to avoid any form of serious injury. This is extremely beneficial for those who share a home with elderly people or small children.

They Keep You Warm

Rugs are known to be thermal resistant and can trap warm air for a longer period of time. Hand-woven textiles are known to warm you up during winters and keep the house cool during summers. You will be saving on cooling and heating energy costs with the help of the insulation properties of carpets.

These reasons make rugs so popular among people, irrespective of the country. So don’t wait any longer, get one for your house today.

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Top 8 Reasons to use Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is a popular choice among home owners due to various reasons. This type of carpet is said to have derived its name after bulky handmade wool which was used and textured by a tribe called Berber, located in North Africa. Today’s Berber carpet is found to follow Berber tribe tradition by making use of flecked bulky yarns for creating beautiful looking carpets.

Some reasons to select Berber carpets

Carpets and rugs online shopping from a reputed portal does offer the shopper with wide range of choices to select from and to fit specific needs and requirements with great ease.

  • Unique: Berber carpets are made from flecked looped yarns to offer that unique styled carpets, thus making this type easily identifiable.
  • Hypo-allergenic: It is considered to be a perfect choice for children as well as those suffering from allergies. It is created from wool and hence, is found to be non-allergenic and non-toxic. It also prevents growth of bacteria.
  • Loop size choice: Different loop sizes can be found in Berber carpets, thus offering the perfect size for very décor and room. Ranging from small tight loops to large, knotty loops, the choice is simply limitless. Numerous industry choices also are present including loop and cut designs, level loops and multi level loops.
  • Hardy and durable: This type of carpet requires very less maintenance and also is easy to be cleaned. The stains can be lifted easily and it is found to be durable and be functional and if carefully maintained, it can appear as good as new for a very long time. It is also popular for its longevity and is said not to show vacuum cleaner lines. But care should be taken to ensure that it does not snag and gets damaged.
  • Comfortable: The wool loops tend to have air pockets in it in millions to provide that cushiony feeling while walking on it. Also is present an insulation factor due to the weave that helps to regulate the room temperature.
  • Color choices: The choices in colors are varied and mixed and include neutral or earthen colors, pastel colors and dark colors. Besides being availed in variety of colors, also are found numerous patterns to select from. How the carpets are created will depend upon the twisting of the yarns. Again piling density will depend upon the finished rug’s pattern and look.
  • Affordable: Although pure wool is used to create this type of carpet, it is found to be more affordable when compared to olefin, nylon or other man-man made products available in the market. Even though, affordably priced, it does have that elegant and rich look when compared to the other carpet choices present.
  • Different grades: It is possible to choose different types of grades to determine the carpet’s plush factor. This carpet can be found in interesting grades and there are also available products that can be used over concrete.

It will be useful to buy carpets and rugs online only from reputed sites that are favored by other shoppers.

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Decoration Tips for Pet-Friendly Households

Having a pet at home can make your job of keeping the house clean a lot more difficult. But when it comes to those four-legged furry beings, we always seem to give up. This does not have to be the way necessarily.

Don’t let your cats and dogs to completely own your house. The key factor that can transform your pet-friendly household is selecting the right materials. With the help of some of these useful tips, you can easily make your furniture, walls, and floors look absolutely stunning.

Don’t Purchase Expensive Rugs

Yes, you can absolutely decorate your house with rugs. But the trick would be purchase the inexpensive ones. As you pet is bound to shedding fur, you will have to clean your rug more often than usual. You can easily pick rugs up and clean them, unlike carpets. After they wear out, you will not have an issue throwing them off as well. Seagrass or sisal mats are a good choice which not only provides an elegant appearance to your household, but also goes with any kind of home decor. They are also enough durable to tolerate pet traffic. When you engage in rugs online shopping the next time, keep seagrass and sisal rugs in mind.

Go for Hard Surface Floors

Bare floors are absolutely the best, but it doesn’t indicate that the floor should be boring. You can go with painted concrete as they are durable and lovely. Hardwood floors are also a good choice as you will be able to vacuum or mop effectively without having to compromise with the appearance. But, it is important to remember that large dogs have a tendency to scratch wood.

The best would be to opt for ceramic tiles as they are resistant to stains and easy to clean. They are also toenail-proof and known to provide a cool place for your pet to nap during hot summer days.

Skip Buying Wall-To-Wall Carpets

Your carpet is bound to trap pet hair, absorb odour, and soak an unlimited quantity of pet-related stains similar to a sponge. Hence, keeping carpets may not be the best idea if you have a pet at home.

But if you think that your home decor would have an element missing without a carpet, you can definitely go for a one that can be cleaned easily in case of accidents. When you buy floor rugs, make sure that they are pet-friendly. Do not go for continuous-loop carpets as your pet’s toenail might get trapped in any of the single woven loops.

Modular carpets tiles can also be incorporated. In case your cat or dog vomits, you can replace the dirty tile with a brand new one. It is going to be much cheaper than replacing a rug.

Let Go of the Breakable Items

Lastly, make sure that you get rid of all the fragile items at your house. If you cannot entirely get rid of them, keep them at a place where your furry animal would not be able to reach. If you have cats at home, it is quite difficult to keep anything out of reach. Hence, at least try to keep them protected.

Consider these tips to make your home heaven for your pets as well as yourself.

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Different Types Of Carpets To Adorn Your House Floor

A house is not complete until you spread that carpet on the floor. Apart from keeping your feet warm, the carpets do something else too. They decorate your house and induce that warm and cozy feeling. May be that is the reason you do not find one house without a carpet these days. Everyone is using carpets, but different kinds. There are many varieties of carpets and many carpeting techniques. What you choose should depend on your style and the décor theme of your house.

If you are going to buy carpets from carpet suppliers in India, here is some information about them –

The types of carpets depend on the fabric that is used to make them. Carpets are made using many synthetic or natural fibers. Each fabric has different characteristics and serves different purpose.

Nylon –

It is the most popular fabric among carpets. Carpets made of nylon are preferred because they are durable and wear and tear resistant. But, they stain easily and hence must be cleaned regularly. You can get stain-resistant treated carpets too.

Olefin –

This fabric is also used to make carpets. It is resistant to mold, moisture and mildew. This is considered the best option for outdoors and basements. Olefin is tougher than nylon, hence very durable. But, it is not very comfortable to walk on.

Acrylic –

It is an inexpensive alternative to woolen carpets. It is not very widely used because it isn’t readily available everywhere.

Wool –

The most used carpets indoors are made of wool. They keep the floor warm and are comfortable to walk on. They are easy to clean and as it is a natural fiber, it is the best option for houses. Woolen carpets are durable and stain-resistant too. It is and ecofriendly carpet that is most preferred.

Types of Carpet Piles

Carpets are made by looping yarn through backing material, just like how you sew a button to a shirt. These loops re either left intact or cut in various angles to make presentable. How the loop is treated is called carpet pile. There are many types of carpet piles like – uncut carpet pile which has the entire loop intact. Cut carpet pile has the loop cut. These carpets are soft and easy to clean.

Saxony cut pile has individual strands cup straight up. It is the most loved carpet these days owing to its plush and fuzzy surface. The velvet cut pile has short, thickly packed fibers to give a rich and deluxe feel. But, this is prone more to wearing down.

Density –

The density of the carpet determines how many fibers are present in the pile. It also tells how closely the fibers are packed. Actually, denser the carpet better the fiber. Test the density of the carpet before buying it.

As there is no international grading system to determine the quality of your carpet, you must choose according to the purpose, place the carpet will be used and just your whim when you visit the carpet manufacturing companies in India. Do not forget to consider the size, weight, and density of the carpet before you buy it.

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Elevate Your Living Style with Carpets

No matter how gloomy or disturb the environment of your house or office is, you can add lightness and positivity through creativity. In this world of deadlines, workload and so much of tasks, it is important to keep yourself positive and upbeat. May be you don’t get a good reply from your clients, maybe your boss scold you this morning, maybe you have a small argument with your spouse last evening; these all things are going to happen throughout the life. You have to make things simpler and calmer for you. You have to find out a way to keep yourself boosted and positive.

Bring carpets in your life

You should bring carpets in your life. Just talk to carpet manufacturers India and find out the options you have for your homes and office. When you maintain a space in a creative manner, you feel good inside out. No matter how bad the day is going, the beautiful carpet in your room is going to leave some positive impact on you. Actually,just imagine if you have a gloomy room, wouldn’t it add up to your stress and dullness? Here, if your room is beautiful and stylish, there would be merriment, right?

Variety is not an issue

If you feel that you have a compact area, and there won’t be carpets there to fit in there, then it is your ignorance. Just open your eyes and look around. You have variety of options out there to suffice your needs. Allow your space to tell a story to the world. Your corners have so much to share; your home is the perfect source of motivation for you. Keep it alive and upbeat, and you are bound to be happy and cheery.

If you are looking for some carpets for your bedrooms, you can pick some stylish yet sober ones. Of course, if you pick bold ones for your bedrooms that would be so loud for you.  Similarly, for your living area or activity space, you can keep carpets that are jolly and bold. Just match the perfect carpet with your space and surroundings. A carpet can infuse so much of inspiration and happiness in your life.

Carpets add comfort

Whether you think about it or not, but these carpets add comfort to your life. In your day-to-day routine, you can experience a pinch of comfort in the presence of carpets. When there are laid down carpets in your rooms and living space, there stays warmth and liveliness. Similarly, if the floors are bare and uncovered, they might give a hollow feeling and coldness. When you look at a room and there you witness a beautiful carpet, you feel some sort of comfort. Be it youngsters, old people, kids or even your pets, everybody is going to find carpets adding comfort to their lives.

So, carpet industry in India is expanding on a rapid pace. These carpets are winning the hearts and attention both. You need to snuggle these exotic, stylish, calm and comfortable carpets in your life to add some buoyancy.

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