When it comes to interior decorating, there are many aspects that need to be taken care of for example wall colours and wall papers, curtains, furniture fixtures, signature show pieces, colour schemes etc. Any time you think if redecorating your home, you pretty much go through the above points. Interior decorating is nothing but accessorising the walls and the rooms.  But having stayed in your home for so many years, have you ever thought of accessorising your floor?

Just think to yourself, you have changed the wall colours and added false ceiling to make your home look more beautiful but you are stuck with the same flooring ever since you had the home built! So, today we are going to talk about how to accessorise your home floors.

  1. Vitrified and ceramic tiles- if you are bored with your floors or moreover if it has lost its harm one can go ahead and totally renovate the floors. About 40 years from now mosaic was in fashion, and then came in marbles and now tiles rule all. There are different types of tiles in different shades and you can choose something that illuminates the entire room. Trust me; having a great floor adds so much brightness to the rooms.
  2. Rugs- now changing the flooring all together might sound interesting but there is a lot of work because of it. Your whole life will be disrupted for a few days and it is also going to be a fairly costly affair. So, if you are not ready for it, then you could just use rugs to cover up the entire flooring. Yes, there are rugs in different colours and shades to suit the decor your home already has. Do check out the online stores because they have some of the best rugs online.
  3. Light fixtures- now don’t be surprised because I am sure you might have seen light fixtures that are attached to the floors. Agreed this also is not going to be easy and will cost you a little more, but then the results are going to be totally worth it. If you need any help then you could always look up for ideas in the internet.
  4. Water fixtures- now this might come to you as a surprise but this is not a new concept. Suppose you have a huge hall room and you are not quite sure about how to accessories the floor, you could use a small water fixture for it. Maybe a mini fountain or an underground aquarium. This will definitely change the look of the floor.
  5. Carpets- the reason why carpets are not under the topic of rugs is because they are two different things. Carpets are used to accessorise the floor and not to cover it up entirely. Also, rugs can be used to decorate walls but so is not the case of carpets. You could use a carpet that goes in contrast with the furniture. Also try to buy online rugs and carpets India for great deals and offers.
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