Having a pet at home can make your job of keeping the house clean a lot more difficult. But when it comes to those four-legged furry beings, we always seem to give up. This does not have to be the way necessarily.

Don’t let your cats and dogs to completely own your house. The key factor that can transform your pet-friendly household is selecting the right materials. With the help of some of these useful tips, you can easily make your furniture, walls, and floors look absolutely stunning.

Don’t Purchase Expensive Rugs

Yes, you can absolutely decorate your house with rugs. But the trick would be purchase the inexpensive ones. As you pet is bound to shedding fur, you will have to clean your rug more often than usual. You can easily pick rugs up and clean them, unlike carpets. After they wear out, you will not have an issue throwing them off as well. Seagrass or sisal mats are a good choice which not only provides an elegant appearance to your household, but also goes with any kind of home decor. They are also enough durable to tolerate pet traffic. When you engage in rugs online shopping the next time, keep seagrass and sisal rugs in mind.

Go for Hard Surface Floors

Bare floors are absolutely the best, but it doesn’t indicate that the floor should be boring. You can go with painted concrete as they are durable and lovely. Hardwood floors are also a good choice as you will be able to vacuum or mop effectively without having to compromise with the appearance. But, it is important to remember that large dogs have a tendency to scratch wood.

The best would be to opt for ceramic tiles as they are resistant to stains and easy to clean. They are also toenail-proof and known to provide a cool place for your pet to nap during hot summer days.

Skip Buying Wall-To-Wall Carpets

Your carpet is bound to trap pet hair, absorb odour, and soak an unlimited quantity of pet-related stains similar to a sponge. Hence, keeping carpets may not be the best idea if you have a pet at home.

But if you think that your home decor would have an element missing without a carpet, you can definitely go for a one that can be cleaned easily in case of accidents. When you buy floor rugs, make sure that they are pet-friendly. Do not go for continuous-loop carpets as your pet’s toenail might get trapped in any of the single woven loops.

Modular carpets tiles can also be incorporated. In case your cat or dog vomits, you can replace the dirty tile with a brand new one. It is going to be much cheaper than replacing a rug.

Let Go of the Breakable Items

Lastly, make sure that you get rid of all the fragile items at your house. If you cannot entirely get rid of them, keep them at a place where your furry animal would not be able to reach. If you have cats at home, it is quite difficult to keep anything out of reach. Hence, at least try to keep them protected.

Consider these tips to make your home heaven for your pets as well as yourself.