A house is not complete until you spread that carpet on the floor. Apart from keeping your feet warm, the carpets do something else too. They decorate your house and induce that warm and cozy feeling. May be that is the reason you do not find one house without a carpet these days. Everyone is using carpets, but different kinds. There are many varieties of carpets and many carpeting techniques. What you choose should depend on your style and the décor theme of your house.

If you are going to buy carpets from carpet suppliers in India, here is some information about them –

The types of carpets depend on the fabric that is used to make them. Carpets are made using many synthetic or natural fibers. Each fabric has different characteristics and serves different purpose.

Nylon –

It is the most popular fabric among carpets. Carpets made of nylon are preferred because they are durable and wear and tear resistant. But, they stain easily and hence must be cleaned regularly. You can get stain-resistant treated carpets too.

Olefin –

This fabric is also used to make carpets. It is resistant to mold, moisture and mildew. This is considered the best option for outdoors and basements. Olefin is tougher than nylon, hence very durable. But, it is not very comfortable to walk on.

Acrylic –

It is an inexpensive alternative to woolen carpets. It is not very widely used because it isn’t readily available everywhere.

Wool –

The most used carpets indoors are made of wool. They keep the floor warm and are comfortable to walk on. They are easy to clean and as it is a natural fiber, it is the best option for houses. Woolen carpets are durable and stain-resistant too. It is and ecofriendly carpet that is most preferred.

Types of Carpet Piles

Carpets are made by looping yarn through backing material, just like how you sew a button to a shirt. These loops re either left intact or cut in various angles to make presentable. How the loop is treated is called carpet pile. There are many types of carpet piles like – uncut carpet pile which has the entire loop intact. Cut carpet pile has the loop cut. These carpets are soft and easy to clean.

Saxony cut pile has individual strands cup straight up. It is the most loved carpet these days owing to its plush and fuzzy surface. The velvet cut pile has short, thickly packed fibers to give a rich and deluxe feel. But, this is prone more to wearing down.

Density –

The density of the carpet determines how many fibers are present in the pile. It also tells how closely the fibers are packed. Actually, denser the carpet better the fiber. Test the density of the carpet before buying it.

As there is no international grading system to determine the quality of your carpet, you must choose according to the purpose, place the carpet will be used and just your whim when you visit the carpet manufacturing companies in India. Do not forget to consider the size, weight, and density of the carpet before you buy it.