From a young age, we have a fascination for carpets. May be it is because of Aladdin’s magic carpet, we love carpets. Though no one of us owns a magic carpet that can take us anywhere we want, we all own at least one magical carpet that can ease our feet and make our walk comfortable. People love to have carpets on their floors, in house as well as office.

A carpet not just beautifies the house, it also makes the place and it keeps the floors warm during winter. Walking on a soft carpet is far more comfortable than walking on a hard floor. Thus, people invest in buying wonderful carpets. There are many varieties of carpets in the world, each one has its own unique color, texture and durability. You can buy the one that suits your décor.

The people are so obsessed with carpets and rugs that you barely find a living room that doesn’t have a carpet on its floor. The Carpet suppliers in India are supplying carpets from all over the country and the world.

Here are some of the most world-famous carpets that you should buy –

Persian carpets –

The Persian rugs are the first thing that people think of when they want to cover a bald floor with something interesting. The Persian rugs are very ancient and have great heritage. Even a simple Persian rug is pure magic. Some of the rugs are as old as hundred years, making them valuable antique pieces. These rugs are colorful and extremely soft. The designs are intricate and very complicated.

Turkish rugs-

Turkish rugs are all about tradition. The Turkish people have been weaving wonderful rugs from 800 years. Today, there is a touch of western designs to these age old Turkish carpet designs. Symbolism and flowers are

Afghanistan carpets –

The tribal people of Afghanistan make authentic tribal rugs that are to die for. Today, they also include sophisticated designs and techniques to make modern carpets that appeal to all kinds of people. These rugs are in great demand by the collectors who love rugs and history. There are many factories in Afghanistan that weave the best rugs in the world. They are soft in feel and very attractive.

Chinese carpets –

The Chinese carpets are very valuable money wise. They are expensive and usually used in posh homes that flaunt wealth. The carpets have designs showcasing the culture and history of the country.

Indian rugs –

India is very famous for its carpets. One specialty of Indian rugs is that you can get a variety of them in various prize ranges. The Indian weavers can weave up the best quality rugs that are durable and withstand all kinds of weather and wear and tear. This is one country where the carpets are handmade even today. There are machine created rugs too, but not as authentic.

These are some of the famous carpets that people love to drape their floors with. Carpet manufacturing companies in India can supply any of these original carpets for your beautiful home.