There are different types of carpets and carpet styles from where one can choose to cover their floors. When it comes to home flooring one can have a lot of options regarding the carpet styles, colours and patterns.

One can also choose a style personally so that it can match their home decor. The carpet suppliers of India present varieties of carpets and the best part about using a carpet is that the cushion surface covers the hardness of the floors and one can walk comfortably on it.

Also one can choose a carpet depending on their affordability. There are many carpets which have insulating properties and they can provide some additional warmth under the feet. These carpets are very useful where there is extreme cold climate. Also carpets have non slip surfaces which are very safe underfoot and also provide a cushion under the foot. If one goes for synthetic carpets, they should know that they are treated with a lot of stain and soil resistant treatments that make them easy to maintain and clean them.

Carpets are made from different types of fibres. Here are some varieties which one can consider.


This is the most durable fibre ad with this; one can manufacture a stain resistant carpet. So they are a very good choice in homes which have pets or children. Also they are quite suitable in the heavy traffic areas like stairs and hallways.


This one can make a carpet look very luxurious and it can be available in a lot of styles and colours. This is a very good value carpet for homes which have normal amount of traffic pressure.


This fibre when used in a carpet can offer some good stains and moisture resistance. But when it comes to quality quotient then the polyester and nylon ones have better durability because the loop pile constructions of those are very high and it has some dense cut piles.


This one looks very elegant and beautiful. The wool carpets have natural soil resistance powers and they are not inherently stain resistant. They are well constructed and very durable.

Carpet Constructions

Most of the residential carpets are manufactured like a tufted carpet. The tufting machine also works like an oversized sewing machine and hundreds of loops of fibres are stitched together at the carpet’s backing. The durability of the carpet completely depends on how well the tuft is done. The quality of the carpet actually makes all the difference in the price of it.

The twist of the carpet also defines how the carpet yarns are well crafted. This is very much important in cut pile carpet because the tips are exposed and it can easily become untwisted by giving the carpet a matte and worn appearance. The tighter the yarn in twisted, the more durable the carpet is. These carpets can easily stand crushing and pressure than the other ones.

Carpet manufacturing industries in India makes all kinds of carpets and one can choose that which is suitable for them.

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