Who doesn’t love having soft and beautiful carpets on their floor? The floor in your house will instantly change from being workable to homely by putting a good quality carpet on it. A carpet has a lot of functions like absorbing extra noise and softening the entire look of the room which creates a really cosy environment. But it is extremely important to choose the correct type of carpet for your house so that it can accurately satisfy your needs. It might get a little difficult as the pile types, colours, etc combine to form endless options.

You can take the help of experts who have experience working with carpets by telling them what you need exactly. Otherwise you can even follow the given tips to buy carpets and rugs India which would be perfect for you.

  1. If your family has pets and young children, then you would want to buy a carpet which is quite tough and hard wearing also in a forgiving colour. But if you want a touch of luxury in your house then you can choose to buy a plush pile in flat or neutral colours. Combination cuts, loop piles with dark or medium tones will be great for an entertainer.
  2. Plush piles are beautiful to look at, as they are super soft and also resemble the texture of velvet. You can buy dense plush pile carpets for your home if you want to have a squishy and luxurious feel. But you should keep in mind that the carpets having plush piles show footprints.
  3. In loop piles the yarn is made into loops. These are found in a lot of varieties. You will find some having a very linear and formal look, while some with a much ribbed pattern which gives them a sisal look. A textured, casual look is also given by some of the random loop piles.
  4. You can even opt for a combination of cut and loop piles. These contrasting textures will create light and dark patterns which will not show any footprints, but the texture will also feel lovely underfoot.
  5. The colour of your carpet will have a large impact on the look of your room. You must have noticed that a room with a light coloured carpet seems to make the room look much larger, while dark carpets make them look cosier. Most popularly, people tend to buy a carpet which will have a subtle and neutral blend by combining two colours. They will also be much more forgiving in case of stains.
  6. The fibre of the carpet is also another important factor. You will find carpets made of 100 percent wool, wool and nylon mix or myriad synthetic fibres. Wool can be a good regulator of heat, while nylon is mostly fade resistant.

You can follow these simple tips to choose the perfect carpet for you. Where you go to a store or do some online shopping rugs and carpets India, you can keep these points in mind every time you go to buy a new carpet for yourself.

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