Berber carpet is a popular choice among home owners due to various reasons. This type of carpet is said to have derived its name after bulky handmade wool which was used and textured by a tribe called Berber, located in North Africa. Today’s Berber carpet is found to follow Berber tribe tradition by making use of flecked bulky yarns for creating beautiful looking carpets.

Some reasons to select Berber carpets

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  • Unique: Berber carpets are made from flecked looped yarns to offer that unique styled carpets, thus making this type easily identifiable.
  • Hypo-allergenic: It is considered to be a perfect choice for children as well as those suffering from allergies. It is created from wool and hence, is found to be non-allergenic and non-toxic. It also prevents growth of bacteria.
  • Loop size choice: Different loop sizes can be found in Berber carpets, thus offering the perfect size for very décor and room. Ranging from small tight loops to large, knotty loops, the choice is simply limitless. Numerous industry choices also are present including loop and cut designs, level loops and multi level loops.
  • Hardy and durable: This type of carpet requires very less maintenance and also is easy to be cleaned. The stains can be lifted easily and it is found to be durable and be functional and if carefully maintained, it can appear as good as new for a very long time. It is also popular for its longevity and is said not to show vacuum cleaner lines. But care should be taken to ensure that it does not snag and gets damaged.
  • Comfortable: The wool loops tend to have air pockets in it in millions to provide that cushiony feeling while walking on it. Also is present an insulation factor due to the weave that helps to regulate the room temperature.
  • Color choices: The choices in colors are varied and mixed and include neutral or earthen colors, pastel colors and dark colors. Besides being availed in variety of colors, also are found numerous patterns to select from. How the carpets are created will depend upon the twisting of the yarns. Again piling density will depend upon the finished rug’s pattern and look.
  • Affordable: Although pure wool is used to create this type of carpet, it is found to be more affordable when compared to olefin, nylon or other man-man made products available in the market. Even though, affordably priced, it does have that elegant and rich look when compared to the other carpet choices present.
  • Different grades: It is possible to choose different types of grades to determine the carpet’s plush factor. This carpet can be found in interesting grades and there are also available products that can be used over concrete.

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